Honoring Local Hero Jimmy Gentry

Jimmy Gentry lives a simple life on his 400 acre farm in West Franklin, but his life has been anything but simple.  The 88-year-old Gentry suffered through the Great Depression and World War II.  The Purple Heart veteran thought he had seen it all in the war, but nothing prepared him for what he and his infantry unit came across on April 29, 1945. We first published this video 2 years ago and it easily became one of our favorites, and we wanted to bring you the story again as we honor one of our local heroes on Veteran’s Day.

Veterans Day Parade Photos




  1. Wow! You did a marvelous job telling the story of Jimmy Gentry! What a great interview with excellent reporting and videography! You captured so much of this hero, who is a national treasure and certainly a Williamson County treasure, in only 6 minutes!

    Fan of Jimmy Gentry &
    Reporter Nick Paranjape and Videographer David Jean of the Williamson Source

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