Honest Coffee Roasters Holds Giveaway Today

Honest Coffee

Honest Coffee Roasters will celebrate its fourth-anniversary in-store at the Factory at Franklin on Tuesday, April 16. On this day only, the specialty coffee shop will give free 2 oz. coffee bags to the first 100 guests that make a purchase after 10 a.m.

Additionally, for the entire week of April 15, Honest Coffee Roasters is bringing back its first signature drink––“The Tunnel Vision”––for $4. This craft beverage is a shaken iced espresso mixed with star anise simple syrup and topped with half and half.

Brett Henry, the founder of Honest Coffee Roasters, said that this anniversary is a celebration of the people, both staff and customers, who have made the company what it is today.

“When we started our shop at the Factory four years ago, we had no idea Honest Coffee Roasters would become such a thriving center for community and culture,” Henry said. “We built our brand around honesty, quality and consistency, and it’s been so humbling to see our customers embrace these values.”

Last year two of the company’s in-house roasters traveled to Santa Rosa, Guatemala to visit a coffee farm that sources two of Honest Coffee Roasters’ popular coffees. Director of Roasting Matthew Leonhardt said that meeting the farmers and experiencing the planting and harvesting processes gave him a newfound respect for the company’s product.

“My trip not only gave me an appreciation for the coffee, but moreover, it gave me a love and respect for the family who works, plants and harvests this coffee. Because more than the coffee itself, it’s the relationships we’re forming that bonded us with this family farm. It’s not only about the coffee, it’s about the relationships.”

The coffee from the farm in Santa Rosa will be available for in-store and wholesale purchase later this month. For more information, follow Honest Coffee Roasters on Instagram at @honestroasters

HONEST COFFEE ROASTERS is committed to providing ethically sourced, high-quality coffee to in-store customers and wholesale clients. Honest staff travels to the coffee fields that source their product to build personal relationships with the farmers who make their business possible. They pay premium wages in exchange for an excellent product. Learn more at honest.coffee.