Honest Coffee Roasters Creates New Innovative “Steeped” Coffee

H.C. Roasters' Steeped Coffee delivers meticulously roasted artisan

Honest Coffee Roasters (H.C. Roasters) has released its latest innovative coffee product that will change the face of on-the-go coffee, both in travel and in everyday life.

The Steeped Brewing Method delivers H.C. Roasters’ ethically sourced, meticulously roasted coffee in a tea-like “filter” bag that is packaged in a nitrogen-sealed, single-serve packet. When the filter bag is submerged in eight ounces of hot water, dunked and saturated for strength, and steeped at five or more minutes according to taste, the H.C. Roasters’ Steeped Coffee produces the exact same cup of coffee as if it has been poured inside the store.

“The steeped bag is truly a revolutionary product for coffee consumers, especially those of us who live on the go,” said Jacob Stillman, Wholesale Director for H.C. Roasters said in a release.  “As long as you have hot water, you can have the perfect cup of artisan coffee no matter where you are.”

While Nashville has a host of independent coffee shops, few, if any, offer a coffee product with an individual serving size.

“For most at-home coffee connoisseurs, the only way to make high-quality, specialty coffee is by purchasing a coffee bag and brewing the beans, which requires time and bulk quantity,” Stillman said. “With H.C. Roasters’ steeped coffee, you can get the exact same local, artisan coffee in a single serving, ready in five minutes and it’s much cheaper than purchasing a cup in store.”

These single serving packets are not only ideal at home use but also for offices, hotels, hospitality suites or other settings where individuals have the option to make customized beverages. And it has a year-long shelf life, and the package is fully compostable.

Steeped Coffee is now available online in the company’s signature Dual Axes blend. It is sold in packs of one, five and ten, and each pack costs $2. Companies can learn more about wholesale offerings on H.C. Roasters’ website.