When considering new projects for your home this year, there are ways to shave costs without sacrificing great design. When looking at ways to cut your budget, you might consider these alternative options, which offer a “look alike” product that not only costs less but might actually be better for your home.

Using Porcelain Instead of Marble 

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Marble has been used for centuries in homes and even seen as a sign of wealth at one time. Today, marble is making a comeback with multi-installation uses for bathrooms, kitchens, and flooring. Installation cost of marble ranges from $100-$300 square foot.

Disadvantages of marble -it is very porous stone. For example, if you spill red wine on a marble countertop you could end up with a stain.  Acidic items like lemons can etch the stone as well. The same is true for certain lotions or hair dyes when marble is installed in a bathroom. Marble also contains minerals, which are buried deep in the stone, and exposure to heat and humidity can cause it to rust.

Porcelain tiles are made to give the look of marble but with far less maintenance. With installation prices ranging from $4-$10 a square foot.

Properties of porcelain tile that make it more attractive include thicker, less absorbent properties, which means they are far less likely to stain. Caring for porcelain tiles is easy, as few cleaning solutions will harm them.

Using Luxury Vinyl Flooring Instead of Hardwood

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Hardwood floors for homes have been the standard for years. They are considered timeless with many colors and style options.

But much like marble, hardwood floors can have maintenance issues. Any type of water that touches hardwood floors can damage the floors causing future issues. Consistent exposure to water will cause warping, color change and a myriad of other issues.

Vinyl plank flooring gives you the best of both worlds- the look of hardwood without the worry. Think of vinyl plank flooring as a photographic image of hardwood flooring.

With the change in technology, it’s becoming more difficult to tell the difference between hardwood and vinyl plank flooring. Often homeowners can’t tell the difference by sight or touch until they are told which is vinyl and which is actual hardwood.

Using Carpet for Rug Designs 

Our recommendation for finding the perfect area rug? Find a wall to wall (or broadloom) carpet you love and have it cut and bound to your ideal dimensions. McCalls Carpet One in Franklin can make you a custom rug without the custom prices. Insider tip: Depending on the size you’re looking for, you may be able to utilize a carpet remnant, saving yourself even more money. By getting a wall to wall carpet customized for you, you can get the perfect size instead of only being able to select from standard sizes.

In fact, all of the options we’ve talked about today, you can find at McCalls Carpet One located at 232 Franklin Road, Franklin next to The Factory. They have trained professionals to assist you with your selections. Not only do they sell the products but they install them as well.


McCall’s Carpet One is Franklin’s locally-owned carpet, flooring & tile center with free estimates and local installation of carpet, hardwood flooring, kitchen and bath tile – plus furniture and appliances by DT McCall’s in the back! Everything home, all in one place – all at great, low prices!
Visit McCall’s low-budget showroom on Franklin Rd next to The Factory in Franklin, or click for a free in-home estimate.

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