Holistic Dog Care 101: Breeds Most Likely to Develop Cancer

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Cancer is a scary word. After all, nobody wants his or her beloved pup to become ill. While many different dog breeds can develop cancer, some are more prone to developing it than others. According to petmd.com cancer is the number one killer-related disease of dogs and cats.

Top 9 Breeds To Develop Cancer:

  1. Rottweiler
  2. Bernese Mountain Dog
  3. Bouvier des Flandres
  4. German Shepherd
  5. Great Dane
  6. Labrador Retriever
  7. Bichon Frise
  8. Boxer
  9. Golden Retriever

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Signs of cancer can include a foul odor coming from your pet’s mouth, ears or other area; lethargy, weight loss, lumps, abnormal discharges (vomiting, diarrhea, blood, pus), wounds that don’t heal, coughing/difficulty breathing, bowel/urinary changes, loss of appetite and pain evident in one or more areas.

It’s recommended that pet owners take their dog to the veterinarian for an annual check-up to help keep it in the best of health.

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Another thing you can do to help keep your dog healthy is to provide good nutrition. Nutrition is an important component in the whole life wellness of a dog, according to Leslie Kessinger, co-owner of Three Dog Bakery in Franklin.

“While it cannot completely prevent or cure cancer, pet foods that are natural or holistic and contain more fresh ingredients can help limit cell damage in the body that contributes to cancer, and can also help manage the side effects of cancer treatment,” says Kessinger.Bixbi Immunity Superfood

“I also highly recommend adding supplements into the diet that contain antioxidants. Those supplements can take the form of foods like fresh berries or can be added through an ingestible powder/tablet such as our Bixbi Superfood Immunity, made from dried holistic mushrooms.” Kessinger says antioxidants are important as a preventative because they fight free radical damage, one of the contributors to cancer, and boost your pet’s immune system.

Answers Goat Milk“Additionally, raw goat’s milk, such as our Primal Raw Goat’s Milk or Answers Fermented Raw Goat’s Milk, has been used to shrink tumors and its combination of enzymes, probiotics and high levels of bio-available nutrients make it a wonderful tool for digestive wellness as your pet experiences the side effects of cancer treatment,” adds Kessinger

Kessinger says it’s normal for pets undergoing cancer treatment to experience lack of appetite and nausea. It also can be difficult to find something they are willing to eat that is both healthy and easily digested. “We have seen wet food with simple Gracie's Gourmet Petfoodingredients and freeze-dried raw food mixed with goat’s milk entice some sickly dogs to finally eat. I highly recommend our Three Dog Bakery brand wet food, Gracie’s Gourmet – it looks exactly like the food you would make at home, a combination of rice, chicken and vegetables,” says Kessinger.

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Teddy & Lucky, Pet Proprietors Three Dog Bakery
Teddy & Lucky, Pet Proprietors
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If you have health concerns about your dog, consult your veterinarian. This article is not meant to substitute or act as medical advice for pets.

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