The Holidays are Over, but These are Gifts That Keep Giving All Year Long!

by Learning Lab

Growth and learning don’t have to stop once your child leaves the classroom. It also doesn’t have to be a chore to keep them on track to learn and stay engaged. 

How? You might ask. 

Well, we have you covered. Here is a list of great gift ideas for education tools that reinforce, introduce, and help keep the children in your life engaged beyond the classroom. Let’s dive in.

1. IXL

IXL is a subscription-based service that offers learning in K-12. What’s great about IXL is the learning paths are personalized and tailored for each student’s needs. This means you can accelerate learning and engagement where needed. 

With a variety of subjects, across several skill levels, IXL is great for its ability to grow with your child as well. 

2. Study Island for Social Studies

The perfect solution for those looking for support in social studies. Study Island is offered through Edmentum and requires a subscription, but the material is high quality and covers state standards well. The course is geared toward providing the breadth necessary for mastery of each standard. 

Study Island offers other subject areas depending on your state and local area. A great option if you’re looking for state standard specific reinforcement.

3. Osmo

With interactive games based learning options, Osmo is sure to delight. Whether you’re looking for curriculum-based learning or an outlet for creative kids, you’re covered. There are a few different ways to build a learning experience and the options are personalized based on the subjects and methods you’d like to provide for your children. 

Osmo is a great play-based or curriculum-based alternative that will keep your kids coming back for more. 

4. Zingo

The popular matching game is fun and encourages pre-readers and early readers to engage and match words with pictures. Based on the ubiquitous Bingo game some adults play, Zingo is a fun way to get your little reader into a competitive and fun environment for learning and growing their reading skills. 

Zingo is great for ages 4 and up and includes cards with 2 levels of play. A great game for learning!

5. Plugo Letters by PlayShifu

Another one of the game-based options on this list. Plugo provides an environment for a tremendous amount of word-building using Augmented Reality technologies to encourage play and learning. It’s a STEM-inclined toy but provides linguistic and reading help as well. 

It’s the perfect option for those looking for a comprehensive and fun package for complete engagement and learning.

6. And finally, Books!

Books are timeless, and will provide a great learning opportunity for your child. Books make a wonderful gift for their ability to teach language conventions, but their wide variety is also encouraging to many children, as they can find a genre they truly enjoy reading! There are books available for every subject out there, and many are written to make reading fun and engaging.

Non-fiction is great for reference or subject-specific material, but reading fiction is a great way to promote creativity and entertain as well. 

If your child isn’t thrilled about reading books, start small and reward them each time they complete one! It’s a great, affordable way to get them engaged and learning outside of the classroom. 

These resources and interactive games all provide great learning, engagement, and fun outside of the classroom in a way that’s approachable and easy to jump into. Not only will these gifts entertain, but they’ll also delight! With any of these gifts, your student will be well on their way!

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