Historic tourism signs have been placed by TDOT along Interstate 65 about a mile before both the southbound and northbound Saturn Parkway (S.R. 396) exits directing motorists to Spring Hill historic sites that relate to the U.S. Civil War, including The Spring Hill Battlefield.

The project to pursue the signage began in the City of Spring Hill Historic Commission as a way to increase visibility of Spring Hill’s historic sites related to the Battle of Spring Hill for tourists traveling through the area on I-65. TDOT has policies and guidelines for an area to be recognized as a Cultural Interest Area of historic significance to a community. The requirements include minimum annual attendance, and the sites must be open to the general public and within a maximum distance requirement of an interstate interchange.

In September 2014, the Spring Hill Board of Mayor and Aldermen made a formal request for TDOT to place the cultural interest signage on I-65. Over the past couple of years, former Alderman Jonathan Duda led the charge of working with TDOT to verify the sites met the qualifications of the program and to address TDOT concerns that the signage would not become a distraction at the interchange with Saturn Parkway.

The City of Spring Hill is pleased to announce that with the help of State Representative Sam Whitson and Commissioner of Transportation John Schroer, who both stepped in and provided assistance when the request had stalled, the City was able to find an acceptable solution that worked for everyone. The I-65 historic sites signage points motorists to State Route 396 (Saturn Parkway), where additional state signage further directs them to the proper exits off Saturn to access the sites.

“The benefit of having these signs is that it increases the visibility of Spring Hill Battlefield to those traveling through our area, and we want to thank Rep. Whitson and Commissioner Schroer for working to make this possible,” Mr. Duda said. “Ultimately, we hope these signs will help make our Civil War sites, including Spring Hill Battlefield and Rippavilla Plantation, truly a destination stop for tourists.”