Hillsboro Cove Development Not Popular With Trace Residents

by Clark Shelton

As the final plat approval for the Hillsboro Cove Subdivision approaches on Apr. 10th,  the Citizens for Old Natchez Trace will display their displeasure this afternoon in the form of a protest against the subdivision.

This afternoon, a group of concerned citizens will protest with signs and hand out educational materials on the construction. They will be at 1600 Hillsboro Road, directly across from the proposed construction site. According to Laura Turner, a member of the citizens group, the demonstration to be held from 4-5:30 will be an effort to have the group’s voices heard since they won’t be allowed to speak at the April 10th Williamson County Planning Commission Meeting.

The heart of the disagreement between developers and the Citizens for Old Natchez Trace seems to not be over whether the property should be developed, but how it should be developed. The proposed development has even inspired famous resident Jo Dee Messina to write a song about her and her fellow residents displeasure. You can see the video here.


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Clark Shelton has made Franklin home for over 2 decades, raised a family (his son currently attends MTSU), and contributed greatly to the quality of life in Downtown Franklin for many years as part of the Heritage Foundation and Downtown Franklin Association. He has been the General Manager of WilliamsonSource.com for 2 years, after serving as Social Media Coordinator in the early days.


  1. It’s another unfortunate example of how one man’s greed will spoil what so many value and enjoy. I wonder when those we elect in Williamson County will finally take a stand, maybe after we hold the next World’s Fair?

    Bob Parks and Brandon Jenkins will forever be linked to the pimple their creating on Old Hillsboro Rd as nearly every property owner between Hillsboro Rd. and Hwy 96 has already acted to ensure their historic property is never converted to McMansions. http://www.saveoldhillsboro.com

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