Highway Department to present plan for improving Arno Road

The Williamson County Highway Department will present its plan for the future of Arno Road next month to the community.

On Nov. 16 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Page High School auditorium, as part of its Major Corridor plan, the department will go over the improvements adopted in the plan.

The plan includes 103 road projects across the county by 2020 and 2030, at an estimated cost of more than $150 million.

An outline of the plan, and its Arno Road projects, is below.

2020 Plan

-About $23 million, 19 projects.

In the 2020 plan, Arno Road has the most work, totaling an estimated $8,810,000. Lynwood Way has the second most, with an estimated cost of $7,280,000. Clovercroft will cost an estimated $3.7 million, with Sneed Road, Coleman Road and Henpeck Lane, respectively, $1.7 million, $1.4 million and $810,000.

On Arno Road:

-Murfreesboro Road Intersection: add eastbound right turn and second northbound left turn lanes
-S. Carothers Road Intersection: add eastbound right and northbound left turn lanes
-Gosey Hill Road Intersection: add northbound left turn, eastbound through and westbound left turn lanes
-Peytonsville-Trinity Road Intersection: add eastbound and westbound left turn, northbound through and southbound left and right turn lanes
-Middle and High School Drives Intersection: reconstruct Arno as three-lane cross section through school limits
-840 Eastbound and 840 Westbound Ramps: add southbound through and westbound right turn lanes; add southbound left and eastbound right turn lanes, add eastbound on-ramp lane

2030 Plan

-About $125 million, 81 projects

The 2030 plan for the five roads includes adding lanes and turning lanes on many smaller intersections along these roads. The 2030 plan also widens stretches of the roads.

Arno Road, in the 2030 plan, estimates a cost of $44.4 million, with Clovercroft the next most at $35.5 million. Sneed Road has an estimated projects cost of $23.1 million, Lynwood Way $14.7 million, Coleman Road $9 million and Henpeck $2 million.

$80.8 million of the estimated $128.7 million 2030 plan will go to corridor costs not associated with intersection work.

Arno Road:

-$30 million of the $44.4 million of the estimated cost of Arno Road projects will go to non-intersection work.

A long stretch of the road will be widened from two to four lanes- from its intersection with Murfreesboro Road to its intersection with Wildings Boulevard. The widening is broken down into individual projects, starting with Murfreesboro Road to Pate Road, from Pate Road to South Carothers, and so on. For specifics see the plan online.