High Schools Attend Youth in Government Conference

Youth in Government

High school students around the district have been getting an inside look at politics during the state Youth in Government Conferences.

The YMCA Youth in Government Conferences are annual events that let middle and high school students see the inner workings of the state government. For one day, students take the place of real government officials and get hands-on experience with the political process.

Students may earn awards like Outstanding Statesperson and Outstanding Bill while at the conferences. In addition, students are able to elect their peers into a variety of positions. Ravenwood High student Mark Hancock was elected governor. This is the fourth time in the past five years that a Ravenwood High student has been elected governor at the conference.

Brentwood High’s Garrett Linney, Franklin High’s Jose Guevara, Independence High’s Samantha Drussi and Independence High’s Garrett Schneider were chosen to represent Tennessee at the National Affairs Conference this summer.

Below is a list of students who were recognized at the conferences.

Brentwood High

  • Outstanding Statesperson
    • Megan Young
    • Abbie Cate
    • Rohan Gupta
    • Patrick Baugh
    • Maxwell Aulino
  • Outstanding Bill
    • Megan Young and Aspen Martin
    • Quinn Cunneely and Emma Rutherford
    • Hugh Stacey and Bryan Crewse
  • Jenny Faenza Outstanding Justice Award
    • Elizabeth Qiao
  • Elected Positions
    • Garrett Linney: National Affairs Conference Delegate for Tennessee
    • Brenden Burke: Chief Clerk of Red House
    • Heather Yan: White Lieutenant Governor
    • Ella Hunter: Chief Clerk of White House

Centennial High

  • Outstanding Statesperson
    • Jayden Stewart

Fairview High

  • Outstanding Statesperson
    • Krish Dogra
    • Alexis Miniat
    • Austin Hendrickson
    • Laney Wilbert
    • Ryan Kilgore
  • Outstanding Bill
    • Alexis Miniat, Emma Vance and Hannah Miniat
  • Bills passed into law
    • Alexis Miniat, Emma Vance and Hannah Miniat
    • Sid Braddy
    • Austin Hendrickson and Laine Russell
    • James Hutchinson and Laney Wilbert
    • Cole King and Lila Chivers

Franklin High

  • Outstanding Statesperson
    • Sam Colvett
    • Emily Bechtel
    • Lauren Bender
  • Outstanding Bill
    • Sam Colvett
    • Abby Landa and Asha Mattu
  • Outstanding Press Corps Representative
    • Nikki Tudor
  • Elected Positions
    • Jose Guevara: National Affairs Conference Delegate for Tennessee
    • Amritha Thiruveedula: Speaker Pro-Temp
    • Kayla Carneal: Speaker Pro-Temp
    • Etain Williams: Sergeant-at-Arms
    • Amelia Doyle: Sergeant-at-Arms
    • Jenna Weigand: Supreme Court

Independence High

  • Outstanding Statesperson
    • Jackson Clemons
    • Casey Coutermarsh
    • Ben Beard
  • Outstanding Bill
    • Ben Beard and Ty Anderson
  • Elected Positions
    • Sydney Coil: Speaker of the House Pro Temp
    • Casey Coutermarsh: Sergeant at Arms of the Senate
    • Jackson Clemons: Floor Leader of the House
    • Aidan Moody: Lieutenant Governor in the Senate
    • Nathan Romsdal: Sergeant at Arms of the Senate
    • Emma Burton: Sergeant at Arms of the Senate
  • Cate Howell and Ryan Beatty: Outstanding Lawyer Brief Award
  • Samantha Drussi: National Affairs Conference Delegate for Tennessee
  • Garrett Schneider: National Affairs Conference Delegate for Tennessee

Nolensville High

  • Outstanding Statesperson
    • Anabelle Ballard
    • Nick Beattie
    • Luke Jackson
  • Outstanding Bills
    • Marina Tadrous and Anabelle Ballard
    • Ivy Bell, Dylan High, Luke Jackson and Bobby Shelton
  • Elected Positions
    • David Taylor: Blue Senate Lieutenant Governor

Page High

  • Outstanding Statesperson
    • Blaine Bushnell
  • Oustanding Bill
    • Garrent Hunt and Alexa Nolan
    • Celeste Davis
    • Tasmine Chauhan and Brock Hinkle
  • Elected Positions
    • Lauren Smith: Pro Temp for Senate at next year’s conference
  • Sean Harris: Outstanding Governor’s Cabinet Award

Ravenwood High

  • Outstanding Statesperson
    • Eleanor Tisano
    • Zach Owens
    • Mayher Bedi
    • Lauren Link
    • Sarah Phillipi
    • Max Muato
    • Hayden Teeter
    • Ella Bullock-Papa
    • Jake Henderson
    • Matthew Thorn
  • Outstanding Bill
    • Sai Kudithini, Dhruv Kumar and Shrihan Nookala
    • Amal Sam, William Lee and Jackson Fisher
    • Mayher Bedi, Zack Owens and Hemani Mehta
    • Sarah Phillippi and Ramya Vadapalli
    • Eshaa Goel, Ella Bullock-Papa and Frank Moser
    • Laura Crispell, Callie Behling and Connor Looney
  • Elected Positions
    • Zack Owens: Red Chief Engrossing Clerk
    • Chow Paueksakon: Red Lieutenant Governor
    • Dhruv Kumar: Speaker of the Blue House
    • Edward Lee: Blue Lieutenant Governor
    • Amal Sam: Chief Clerk of the Blue Senate
    • Ashwin Balaje: Chief Justice
    • William Fiechtl: Associate Justice
    • Sowjanya Dalai: Attorney General
    • Nicolas Nicastro: Head Lobbyist
    • Rohan Jaisinghani: Chief of Staff
  • Trisha Mazumdar and Daniel Chen: Outstanding Novice Brief Award
  • Rohan Jaisinghani and Ashwin Balaje: Outstanding Senior Brief Award
  • Rohan Jaisinghani and Ashwin Balaje: Outstanding Senior Attorney Team

Summit High

  • Outstanding Statesperson
    • Mia Hayes
    • Jorge Ikeda-Sanchez
    • Will Toale
  • Bills passed into law
    • Francesca Savarino and Isabella Dremel

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