High School Media Students Recognized Statewide

High School Media Students Recognized Statewide
Photo from WCS

High school media students around the county are earning recognition inside state lines and beyond.

Several high schools submitted student work to be judged at the Tennessee High School Press Association (THSPA) Awards and the Western Kentucky Mark of Excellence Awards.

At the THSPA Awards, Brentwood and Independence high schools swept most of the categories with each school earning five first place awards. Brentwood High’s WBHS9 was named the Mark Madison Best Overall Television Station for the tenth time in the past 12 years. Brentwood High also won first place in the Mark of Excellence Awards High School Broadcast/Newscast category, and Brentwood High student Alex Wells was named the Most Valuable Broadcast Team Member.

“It’s a good feeling,” said Wells. “I couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help. It’s truly a team effort. Our hard work this year paid off.”

Independence High’s IHS Media won second in the Mark Madison Best Overall Television Station category and also won Best Newscast/News Magazine.

Schools could submit work in several categories, including yearbook, literary magazine and broadcast. Listed below are the winners for both the THSPA Awards and the Mark of Excellence Awards.

THSPA Awards


  • Best Television Reporter
    • First: Bella Gordon, Independence High
    • Second: Mason Dashiell, Independence High
    • Third: Tucker Harlin, Brentwood High
  • Best Videographer
    • First: Erin Thompson, Independence High
    • Second: Jack Townsend, Brentwood High
  • Best Public Service Announcement
    • First: WBHS9, Brentwood High
    • Second: Bradley Hicks, Independence High
  • Best Sports Show
    • First: IHS Sports Staff Two, Independence High
    • Third: Justin King, Brentwood High
  • Best Short Feature Story
    • First: Cami Roadman and Bailey Tunnell, Brentwood High
    • Second: JB Orum and Harper Thompson, Brentwood High
  • Best News Package
    • First: Landon Rowles, Independence High
    • Second (Tie): Ben Mahaffey and Robyn Nieman, Brentwood High
    • Second (Tie): Ethan Meadows and Ford Waldrop, Brentwood High
    • Third: Nikki Alvarado, Ellie Gibbons and Gwynn Turner, Independence High
  • Best Sports Package
    • First: Tucker Harlin and Jack Townsend, Brentwood High
    • Second: Mason Dashiell and Brody Lamborn, Independence High
    • Third (Tie): Brennan Chapman and Jacob Blanton, Brentwood High
    • Third (Tie): Vivienne Ayres, Independence High
  • Best Live Sports Coverage
    • First: Football Crew One, Brentwood High
    • Second: Football Crew Two, Brentwood High
    • Third: Live Sports One, Independence High
  • Best Newscast/News Magazine
    • First: IHS News Crew, Independence High
    • Third (Tie): WBHS9 Level Three News, Brentwood High
    • Third (Tie): WBHS9 Level Four News, Brentwood High
  • Madison Best Overall Television Station
    • First: WBHS9, Brentwood High
    • Second: IHS Media, Independence High


  • Best Video or Documentary
    • Second: Jack Wilson, Brentwood High
    • Third: Mia Prouse, Independence High
  • Best Sports Video
    • Third: Sam Wilde, Independence High
  • Best Music Video
    • First: Audrey Green, Cami Roadman and Bailey Tunnell, Brentwood High
    • Third: Benton Pillans, Braxton Lazarus, Walter Johnson, Evan Hohlian and Matthew Perry, Franklin High
  • Best Lip Dub Video
    • Second: Joe Mira, Page High


  • Best Index Design
    • Second: The Talon staff, Independence High
  • Best Clubs/Organization Photo
    • Third: Mark of the Bruin staff, Brentwood High

Literary Magazine

  • Best Overall Literary Magazine
    • Third: The Walking Shadow, Brentwood High

Western Kentucky University Mark of Excellence Awards


  • News Story
    • First: Alex Wells, Jack Wilson and Audrey Green, Brentwood High
    • Third: Well McAdams, Evan Wheelock, Franklin High
  • Sports Story
    • Second: Reed Sellers and Ross Smith, Franklin High
    • Third: Brennan Chapman and Jacob Blanton, Brentwood High
  • News Videography
    • Second: Cami Roadman and Bailey Tunnell, Brentwood High
  • Music Video
    • First: Bailey Tunnell, Keaton Hardwick, Alex Wells and Ben Mahaffey, Brentwood High
  • Narrative Film
    • First: Alex Wells, Jack Wilson, Chloe Robertson, Justin King and Alex Isbell, Brentwood High
    • Third: Caroline Sweatt, Emma Hallander, Lilly Stoppelbein, Reed Sellers and Ross Smith, Franklin High
  • High School Broadcast/Newscast
    • First: WBHS9, Brentwood High
    • Third: FHS Media, Franklin High
  • Most Valuable Broadcast Team Member
    • First: Alex Wells, Brentwood High