Heritage Middle School Offers CSI Experience

CSI: Heritage will provide an unrivaled educational experience. Students will be placed on various task forces and all students will take part in the evidence collecting, data analyzing, and suspect apprehension for various crimes committed throughout their internship.

Students will learn the proper procedures for securing evidence, as well as specific lab safety procedures for dealing with different specimens.  The evidence will range from fingerprints, to tire markings, to DNA.

The task force will be asked to participate in eight crime investigations.  The following are two of the crimes we will investigate:

Tool Marks the Spot

When Karen Jones arrives home, her back door is standing open.  She approaches slowly and notices that the door frame is severely damaged.  It seems to Karen that the door has been forced open with a tool of some sort.  But what tool was used? More importantly, who broke in and why?

Whose Lipstick?

Mr. Sternman was a very unpopular man who had managed to make enemies of everyone he knew.  Even his own family found him to be an unbearable bully who lied, cheated and stole from his wife and grown daughter.  Mr. Sternman scheduled a meeting with his new attorney, Ms. Justice, on the afternoon he has found dead in his apartment.  Who killed him and why?

Approximately 20 students will be selected as interns based on the content of this application.  Task Force Interns will be expected to meet after school at least once a week during the third and fourth quarters. Task Force membership fees will be used to purchase equipment and supplies, as well as fund any ancillary costs of the CSI: Heritage Task Force.  Fees must be paid within one week of internship acceptance.

The Task Force Internship Fee is $50. All interns will receive their Task Force Uniform, a unique educational experience, and memories of a lifetime.