The Spring Hill Christmas parade was Saturday, December 6, and the Heritage Middle Dance Team and the Majorettes showed off their moves in the parade with pride among the other community members in the parade.

Majorette Members:
Captain:  Cassie Tull
Captain: Georgia Leming
Abbie Gellinger
Sarah Brunson
Amani Taylor
Aimee Frias
Madison Johnson

Dance Team Members:
Captain: Brittany Baker
CoCaptain: Colleen Kieffaber
CoCaptain: Sophia Amicucci
Marel Smietana
Erin Peterson
Laura Stewart
Cassidy Nieves
Erika Lange
Tracie Santiago
Ruby Lewis
Kennidy Hood
Gabby Hervig
Amani Taylor
Sarah Brunson
Claire Flick
Grace Hambacher
Aimee Frias
Leah Campbell
Lydia Haycraft
Madison Knot
Lauren Akerman
Genevieve Dirscherl
Lauren Schwartz
Ashely Brown
Georgia Lemming
Claire Marsh
Claire Kastelic
Skylar Lark