Heritage Foundation Releases its 2022 List of Historic Sites to Save

Creekside-photo by Heritage Foundation

The Heritage Foundation of Williamson County, TN announced at the recent 5th annual Preservation Symposium the properties considered to be the most at risk in the county and efforts to help preserve them. The preservation advocacy program, Sites to Save, is designed as a tool to help the community partner with the Heritage Foundation in its efforts to raise awareness of Williamson County’s significant at-risk historic, cultural, geographical, and archaeological resources. These resources may include buildings, structures, cemeteries, historic districts, archaeological sites, natural and cultural landscapes.

“To build on fulfilling our mission of saving and sharing historically rich places and stories throughout our entire county, we are proud to continue our Sites to Save program for a second year, said Heritage Foundation President and CEO Bari Beasley. “This year’s list includes sites from the 2021 Sites to Watch list as well as large historical corridors facing rapid development. Historic preservation has long been important in Williamson County and its cities, and our organization values the necessity in drawing attention to these areas to ensure both progress and heritage are harnessed in tandem responsibly for future generations to enjoy.”

To compile the list, the Heritage Foundation accepted online nominations this spring. Individuals, preservation organizations, downtown and neighborhood revitalization organizations, historical societies, historic road associations, local governments and other interested parties were all eligible to submit nominations, which were then reviewed by the organization’s preservation and advocacy committee and staff preservationists. Properties will remain on the list each year until the threat is lessened or the property is preserved. The primary benefit of the endangered list is public awareness, advocacy, and action.

The properties on the 2022 Sites to Save list are:

  • Historic Franklin Masonic Hall, Franklin, TN
  • Old Natchez Trace – Vaughn Road Segment, Franklin, TN
  • Burns Farm, Arrington, TN
  • Natchez Historic District, Franklin, TN
  • Gaylor House, Franklin, TN
  • Creekside Property, Franklin, TN
  • Beard’s Grocery & Market, Franklin, TN
  • Frierson-Voorhies Cemetery, Brentwood, TN
  • Daniel McMahon House, Franklin, TN
  • Nolensville Historic Corridor, Nolensville, TN

“For fifty-five years and counting, the Heritage Foundation has continued to advocate for the preservation of our historic and cultural resources. This year’s list demonstrates the diverse history of Williamson County and the ongoing development realities facing many of our resources. From connections to early pioneer settlers of the county at the Daniel McMahon house to American Indian Removal negotiations at the Historic Franklin Masonic Hall to the legacy of the Jim Crow laws and the Civil Rights movement at the Gaylor House, a Green Book site, represent tangible connections to our collective past that if lost, would result in irreplaceable community assets that tell a full story,” said Rachael Finch, Senior Director of Preservation and Education. “Being included on the Heritage Foundation’s Sites to Save list can have a deep and lasting influence on bringing organizations and individuals together to take a forward solution-based approach to advocate for saving the places and stories of our County.”

The Heritage Foundation hopes the Sites to Save list will help make locals aware of the historic sites around them, as well as educate newcomers to the area. To learn more about the sites and how to get involved, visit www.WilliamsonHeritage.org/SitesToSave. Announcement of the 2022 Sites to Save coincides with National Preservation Month, a time to engage with and show appreciation for the places we cherish throughout our nation. To donate to the Foundation’s preservation efforts, including supporting the Sites to Save program, visit www.WilliamsonHeritage.org/Donate.