Heritage Foundation and Nolensville Society Hosting Preservation Event on June 24

The Heritage Foundation of Williamson County is partnering with the Nolensville Historical Society to host a community gathering to discuss ongoing preservation efforts and projects within Nolensville and broader Williamson County. The preservation event will take place at the Nolensville Historic School Gymnasium on Monday, June 24, at 5:30 PM. Registration to attend is free.

“We are thrilled to partner with our friends at Nolensville Historical Society to further preservation within our county as part of our Preserve Williamson campaign efforts,” said Bari Beasley, President, and CEO of the Heritage Foundation. “During the evening, we will discuss the status on projects, and what the future holds. We’re excited for the opportunity to engage with new audiences in Nolensville so that we may all work together sustain the unique character and historic charm of our region for generations to come.”

The event is part of Preserve Williamson, which is the Heritage Foundation’s community-centered campaign to safeguard Williamson County’s quality of life by protecting greenspace, the built environment, and championing smart growth.

It will be a public forum that is free to attend for the community and a place to learn more about advocacy for preservation. During the event, attendees can expect to hear updates on important projects and initiatives and be able to take part in a detailed Q&A.

“Our town of Nolensville is growing quickly, and with this growth preservation of history is our top priority,” said Michelle W. Jenkins, President of Nolensville Historical Society. “We’re thankful for the partnership of Heritage Foundation in hosting this event, and championing preservation in Nolensville alongside us. It will be a tremendous learning opportunity for our community”

The event will take place at the Nolensville Historic School Gymnasium on Monday, June 24, at 5:30 PM. Register for the event through the link here.

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