Andrew Kochamba

UPDATE: Here is something not every Senior in high school can say- just got off the phone with Jimmy Fallon. 

We just spoke with Andrew Kochamba, senior at Franklin High School, who told us he is heading to the The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon! When we asked Andrew if he thought his Twitter campaign would work, he said, he knew that there was a chance that it could work.  See the Tweet below from one of the producers of the show.

Andrew went on to say how thankful he was for all of the  support in making this happen. Andrew also told us that he spoke to a producer of the show as well as Fallon but could not reveal any more details at this time. When we receive more information regarding when Andrew will be shadowing Jimmy  on The Tonight Show, we will share that information here.

See our previous story below:

Franklin High School is hosting Senior Shadow Day on October 14. During the Senior Shadow Day, Seniors get the opportunity to have a first hand look at a day in the life of  their chosen profession.

Andrew Kochamba, Senior at Franklin High School, would like his Senior Shadow Day to be with Jimmy Fallon on ‘The Tonight Show’ and we asked Andrew why he chose Fallon, “I’ve always thought he was a cool guy, and my Dad said to me you gotta meet Jimmy Fallon one day.”

A Twitter campaign using the #AndrewShadowJimmy started by his friends has gone viral in our community even enlisting the help of  Dr. Looney. Below is the original tweet Kochamba sent out requesting to shadow Jimmy Fallon. That original tweet has been retweeted over 600 times.

His friends have taken to photoshop adding Andrew with Jimmy Fallon.

Andrew told us, “It would be a ton of fun to have a show like Fallon’s which is why he would like to shadow him. And it would be a great goal to have to one day have my own show.”

As a Senior at Franklin High School,other activities for him include: Broadcasting focus, Theatre Club, Model UN, Habitat for Humanity as well as Senior Class President.

Good Luck to Andew! Remember the #AndrewShadowJimmy and let’s make this happen for Andrew.

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