No Show Hope for Healing
photo from The Heimerdinger Foundation Facebook

The Heimerdinger Foundation’s annual Hope for Healing event will be reimagined as a “No Show” virtual fundraiser.

How it works – supporters commit to donating to Meals 4 Health and Healing online on June 13.

The Heimerdinger Foundation’s Meals 4 Health and Healing program’s mission is to provide nutrient-rich, organic meals free of charge to those facing cancer and their families/caregivers.

Servicing both Davidson and Williamson counties, the team prepares and delivers nearly 500 meals to over 60 people on a weekly basis and strives to educate the greater Nashville community about proper nutrition and healthy meal options.

The annual Hope for Healing event is an inspiring and emotional evening where stories and testimonials are conveyed, connections are made, and a meal is shared.


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