Heat Wave Headed to Middle Tennessee


The National Weather Service issued an advisory that the summer’s first real heat–wave will hit Middle Tennessee this week.

It states:

Several days of very hot and humid weather are expected as strong high pressure spreads across the Mid State. The hottest days will be Thursday through Saturday, when high temperatures in the mid- 90s will be common. Heat index values will top out in the 100 to
104 degree range each afternoon. The Cumberland Plateau will not be quite as hot, with maximum heat index values in the middle 90s.

Skies will be sunny, with no rainfall expected.

In hot weather, it is a good idea to wear lightweight, loose fitting, and light colored clothing to reflect heat. Drink plenty of water. Avoid being outdoors and in the sun during the afternoon, if possible. Check on relatives and neighbors,especially the elderly.

Do not leave a child or pet unattended in a vehicle. The temperatures inside a vehicle can reach deadly levels in only afew minutes.

To see the heat index maximum predicted for Wednesday through Monday, click through: