Health Department Takes Over COVID Communications to WCS Families

From WCS inFocus

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The Williamson County Health Department is taking over COVID-19 quarantine communications to WCS families with a goal to begin on Wednesday, September 23.

Those notifications had been coming from the WCS Communications Department on behalf of the Health Department. The Health Department has received additional staffing and tell the district staff is capable of completing the work.

Upon receiving a report of a positive COVID-19 case in the district, the Health Department will be notified immediately. Williamson County Schools staff will provide a school contact tracing worksheet, seating charts, classroom diagrams, lunch contacts, transportation contacts and extracurricular contacts to the Health Department for its staff to determine which students may have been exposed.

The Health Department says that when information is received, it will begin its contact tracing; and within three business days, the State’s contact monitoring team will notify individuals who are required to quarantine for 14 days. Quarantine is a Health Department requirement.

The Health Department will also inform students when they may return to campus.


  1. Why isn’t something being done about the fact that a large number of students receive a close contact notice so late there is only a few – if any- days of the quarantine period left?? Within 3 days seems to be the exception, not the standard experience.


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