The final reading of the rezoning ordinance passed through Franklin’s Board of Mayor and Alderman on Tuesday, setting in stone the plan to build the 4.48 acre mixed-use development in downtown Franklin.

The Harpeth Square project will include retail, apartments, a four story parking garage and a four story hotel. The board unanimously approved the $80 million project last week.

The mixed-use Harpeth Square development will span a full city block on a chunk of land in the northwest corner of Harpeth Square drawingthe downtown area between Bridge St., Main St. and 1st and 2nd Ave. The land was originally zoned as Central Commercial (CC), and the board voted to approve that zoning be changed to Specific Development – Variety (SD-X) in order to allow the multiple uses of the property.

4712 Harpeth Square rezoning MAP

Some have called it a behemoth, others are concerned that the character of the architecture is not in line with the rest of Franklin’s historic style. Nevertheless, Franklin wanted to provide a place to stay for people that currently have to opt for lodging in Cool Springs or a bit down the road from the heart of historic Franklin.

The 115-room hotel, 151 apartments, not to mention more than 500 parking spaces will add something to the downtown area. And that something may just shape the future of downtown Franklin.

Harpeth Square plan



  1. I think this Board of Mayor and Alderman have forgotten how they got their seats and what the sole purpose is for that position, which is to be OUR voice, the citizens. It was never intended that they just sit around and “willy nilly” make decisions to alter our town, without our approval. They did the same with the zoning on Columbia Ave., even against “professional recommendations”. Additionally, since their pay increase, it seems that they have deemed themselves “independent” , “judge and jury” on what’s best for Franklin voting whatever that they choose for what THEY want, not what WE want. I hope that other citizens of Franklin will stand with me and say “No”! Enough is enough!

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