Brentwood Harley-Davidson Proposal Creates Controversy


by Zachary Harmuth

The Brentwood Planning Commission passed on a first reading of a commercial site plan put forth by Harley-Davidson.

The motorcycle manufacturer wants to open a dealership in Mallory Park business area at the end of Mallory road, near the neighborhoods of Willowick, Brentwood South and Moreland Estates.

Harley, in the plan, proposes to build three new buildings and, also, an outdoor amphitheatre.

The idea of the amphitheatre has created some concern from the citizens group, Preserve Brentwood.

The amphitheatre is designed to host year round outdoor events, including concerts, parties and motorcycle rallies, that will create sustained noise levels that are considered extraordinary by residential standards, said the group in a statement.

Noting, also, that the site is across from a daycare facility, the statement said that the plan is not in accord with the spirit of the city’s zoning regulations.

It goes on to say that there is a big difference between having a normal automobile dealership close to where you live and a Harley-Davidson dealership, especially one with an amphitheatre which will be used to host two to three events a month.

Construction in the proposal will be finished in March 2015, if passage of the proposal is not tabled or reversed.

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