Hardee’s Sets Opening Date in Spring Hill

Hardee's front spring hill

Biscuits, Biscuits that is all I hear about Hardee’s.  Have you tried the biscuits?  I heard about one local guy pounding on the take-out window demanding a biscuit before construction was even done. People around here seem pretty serious about their biscuits.

Truth is I have never had a Hardee’s biscuit. I’m from California where Carl’s Jr. is located. In 1997 they acquired Hardee’s and eventually started to serve Hardee’s breakfast items but I never got around to trying one.  So, since Hardee’s is opening up on July 30th, 2015 in Spring Hill I will see what all the fuss is about and get myself a dang biscuit.hardees

So what is the deal with the biscuits? I asked this question on Facebook and got some interesting answers. For the most part people agreed that they are homemade and made from scratch. Others love them because they are buttery and a little crispy on the outside. One guy was buying a bag of 20 biscuits regularly until he needed to shed some pounds from all the biscuits he was eating.

While Hardee’s biscuits sound amazing it sounds like they also can add some extra lbs. to your body so eating in moderation is recommended. For example, the The Grilled Pork Chop Biscuit with egg and cheese has 27 grams of fat and 510 calories.

The Hardee’s in Spring Hill is scheduled to open up on July 30, 2015. They are located at 4907 Main Street, Spring Hill, TN  37174

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