Have you Heard of the Hard Bargain Association?

John Murphy certainly has, and his award from Darrell Waltrip of $500 as July’s Hometown Hero will go to benefit the association. Murphy is a community leader and member of the Hard Bargain Association of Franklin.

This grassroots, non-profit organizations seeks to restore a historic neighborhood that has been fighting for survival for 100 years.

The mission of HBA is to impact lives and preserve history by restoring existing homes, building quality affordable housing, and revitalizing generational neighborhoods. The 15 acre Hard Bargain neighborhood is a two square block section in downtown Franklin. More than 80 households, predominantly low income, comprise this generational community. When Murphy was awarded the Home Town Hero Award from Darrell Waltrip he immediately chose his non-profit as the recipient.

Find out more about the Darrell Waltrip Home Town Heroes here.


Photograph by Hardbargain.org

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