H Clark Distillery Introduces New Spirit

Heath Clark talking about his spirits at Beer, Bacon and Bourbon

H Clark Distillery began producing, distilling, and barreling in the fall of 2014.

Being the first distillery to (legally) create spirits in Williamson County in more than 100 years, founder and distiller Heath Clark needed to create something special.

And, judging by the taste and general response from his samples he presented  at the recent Beer, Bacon and Bourbon on March 5th, he did just that.

Clark brought with him his Tennessee Dry Gin and a new whiskey,which is like no whiskey you have ever seen or tasted. For starters it is clear.

“The whiskey is made from unbolted oats, malted barley and chocolate malt. It’s made from a stout style whiskey mash, ” Clark said.

“It goes from 7 percent to 75 percent alcohol and has a very unique taste and no overwhelming oak flavor.”

The taste is something unlike any other spirit. Light and complex, you know it is whiskey but instead of hiding everything under an Oak after-kick its strength is in its balance.

Clark also makes the newly-named Tennessee Black and Tan

“It’s the age version of the new whiskey, and will be in barrel between three and nine months,” he said.

The distillery has four spirits, two of which are still aging. The aforementioned Dry Gin and New Whiskey, along with the still barreled Tennessee Rye Whiskey and Tennessee Bourbon.

H Clark makes it micro-batch spirits using a small copper pot still over an open fire, a process designed to maximize flavor over output, all in the same building in Thompson’s Station where local farmers used to house grains before loading them on the railroad for sale generations ago. For a tour or more information visit their Web site.


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