Gutter Care 101 with Roof Doctors

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Gutter Care 101 with Roof Doctors

The beautiful colors of autumn fade as the leaves drop…right into your gutters. As those leaves break down, along with twigs, moss and other elements, they can clog your gutters. It’s tempting to leave them and think it’s unimportant. And you just cleaned them last year – that should be good enough for a while, right? Not quite.

Roof Doctors answer all the questions you have about Gutter Care 101 – the whys, the hows and more.

How Often Should I Clean My Gutters?

Autumn is an important time to clean the gutters. Waiting until most of the trees have shed their leaves is tempting. But depending on what kind of trees you have, and how big they are, you might need to do one good deep clean, then follow up with another round of leaf removal after the trees are done.

Once a year is usually not quite enough. Twice a year minimum is the better option. (When you change the batteries in your smoke detector, clean your gutters.) Spring cleaning your gutters clears out trapped debris from the winter storms and protects against mildew. However, if you have year-round shedders or live in a particularly windy area, cleaning the gutters every three months may be necessary to protect your home.

What Happens If I Don’t Clean the Gutters?

Gutters direct water away from vulnerable areas to a safe drainage area. Sounds simple enough, and it is. But what happens if the gutters are clogged and can’t do their job effectively? You could end up with minor annoyances or major problems that could be costly. Gutter care prevents or reduces:

  • Damage to the roof
  • Leakage from the roof
  • Basement or foundation leaks and damage
  • Rotten wood
  • Insect infestation
  • Mold
  • Landscape damage

The cost of mold remediation, replacing a roof or gutters, or dealing with interior leaks is potentially expensive.

Isn’t it Difficult or Dangerous to Clean Gutters?

Cleaning gutters isn’t necessarily difficult. It requires a little time, patience and the right tools. As for danger, that’s very subjective, depending on your house, the slope of your property and your comfort level. If you have any doubt or hesitation, whether a fear of heights or just unsure if you physically can do it – DON’T! If you don’t feel safe, it’s not worth the risk. Hire it out.

If you do choose to clean your own gutters, gather the materials you’ll need before you start. Materials include:

  • Ladder. Use a good quality, sturdy ladder. Inspect it before each use. Every time.
  • Goggles. Protective eyewear is important when dislodging debris.
  • Gloves.
  • Bucket or tarp for collecting the debris.
  • Hose to wash out the gutter after debris is removed.
  • Friend. It is imperative when working on a ladder you have someone nearby to hold the ladder or be aware of your activity to keep you safe.

Gutter Care from the Doctors

Whether you are looking for someone trustworthy to service and clean your gutters or you notice your gutters are damaged and need to be repaired or replaced, call Roof Doctors. Caring for more than just roofs, Roof Doctors can keep your roof and home safe from gutter problems, as well. Reach out at 1-844-40-LEAKS for a free inspection and estimate.

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