Guns in Parks Goes to House Floor Monday

The bill to allow permitted gun carriers to bring a weapon on park grounds is going to vote on Tennessee’s House floor on Monday.

If the guns in parks bill (HB 995/SB 1171) passes, then guns will be allowed in any state, local or municipal park across the state of Tennessee, removing the provision that allows local governments to opt out.

Since Williamson County Schools use park facilities for sports and athletic events, there is an issue with a school board policy that does not allow weapons at any school event. In fact, it is a felony to take guns onto school grounds or to school events.

The Williamson County Board of Education has voted to pass a resolution to propose an amendment that would keep guns out of parks where school events take place.

Williamson County Parks and Recreation facilities are where many school athletic events are held. Since these are a public facility, weapons would be allowed if the guns in parks bill is passed, as long as the person carrying has a permit for the weapon.

In a discussion board on the Williamson Strong website, Katie Cotter wrote: “Our state is fighting childhood obesity problems and this bill would negatively impact many of the sports programs that we have as one of the only outlets in fighting this battle. Have you ever attended the sports function for children? Tempers get high and parents lose their cool easily. I cannot imagine an organization that would be able to continue with weapons on property in the circumstances.”

The county is concerned that if the bill allowing guns in parks passes, then they will have to build their own private facilities in order to keep weapons from being carried at school events. Building private facilities would cost millions of dollars and a lot of time.

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