Pilgrimage Festival

It’s our first music festival happening right here in Franklin.  And since this is not Coachella or Bonnaroo, we decided to ask our local experts on Main Street what they would say “Franklin Style” would be at Pilgrimage Festival this year.

But before we show their fashion selections, we want to make a few practical suggestions. Yes, when searching for music fest looks you will often find women wearing wedges, gladiator sandals, crop tops, and if it rains they don’t seem to care but rather just get wet and dry out as the day goes on.  That all seems very free spirit like of them but the reality is: gladiator sandals are not comfortable for outdoor walking, drying out from the rain is really not all it’s cracked up to be. So, our practical advice:pack a poncho,wear comfortable shoes, bring a blanket scarf and wear loose fitting clothes.

Emmaline’s Festival Outfit

This outfit features a chambray dress with sleeves that can easily be rolled up layered with a shearling vest.  A must have for  fall.



Jondie’s Boutique

We found this great outfit on their display outside the store. A fringe vest with jeans makes this a festival perfect option. Also, Jondie will be on site at Pilgrimage selling these blanket scarfs that you could easily layer over this outfit as the sun goes down as temperatures drop.

Jondie     jondie

Finnleys Good Findings

At Finnleys Good Findings, they put together this outfit with a marled sweater, suede leggings and flawy tank top, and boots.

Finnleys Good Findings

Tell us what you will be wearing to Pilgrimage Festival this weekend? Check back as we will be updating our site all weemend with more Pilgrimage coverage.

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