Growth in 1990s Brought Three New Schools to Brentwood

Kenrose Elementary

In our continuing series celebrating Brentwood’s 50th anniversary, today we write about how the population boom between 1980 and 1990 brought three new schools to the area.

Brentwood saw a 75% increase in population between 1980 and 1990. What was a sleepy town of just over 9,000, grew to more than 16,000 in those 10 years. The number of households almost doubled, causing a need for more schools for the growing population of grade school children moving into the community.

Crockett Elementary School

When Crockett Elementary was built in 1990, it was only the second in Brentwood. The other elementary school, Lipscomb Elementary, had been in the area for more than 100 years.

Crocket Elementary was originally built in the middle of a pasture on the outskirts of town, but the area was already beginning to grow quickly because of the low crime, natural beauty, and its proximity to Nashville.

Called the Pioneers, the name fits because the school was named after the Crockett family. They were one of the earliest and most prominent families in the area. The Crockett’s received four Revolutionary War land grants, three of them located in Brentwood. The first was located off what is now Moore’s Lane, which is now Crockett Springs Golf Club. The second was located on what is now Wilson Pike at Osborn Road. It is currently the Lake Colonial Estate, and the last was on Wykle Road.

The Crocket family came from France and were called by the name de Crocketagene.

Edmonson Elementary School

Edmonson Elementary was built in the eastern hills of Brentwood. They have the spirit of exploration, thus the name, Explorers. Again, well named after John and Barbara Edmonson who were the founders of the dynasty. They came from Virginia in the 1700s.

In the spirit of exploration, the school has a nature trail, amphitheater, and an outdoor classroom.

Kenrose Elementary School

Named after Rose Kennon, who with her husband, Emmett, donated the land for the school, Kenrose was built on farmland near new neighborhoods. The land was part of one of the Family’s farms.

Kennon was the Assistant Chief of Education and Training for the Tennessee Veteran’s Administration. Later, he was the owner of the Kennon Construction. He was a member of the Brentwood Baptist Church, the Cattleman’s Association, and the U.S. Chamber among many other organizations.

Keeping to the interests of the Kennon’s, the school is involved with 4-H, as well as the arts, and citizenship. They are called the Cardinals.

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