Two Franklin residents are inviting anyone who has ever played in a local high school marching band to join the Williamson County Alumni Band and march in the Franklin Rodeo Parade this May.

After talking about how much they enjoyed participating in their high school marching band and wishing they had one more opportunity to march down Main Street, Stacey Carroll and Daniel McGinley, of Franklin, have created the Williamson County Alumni Band just for that purpose.

Carroll played the French Horn in the Franklin High School band under the direction of P. Wayne Simpson and the memories of being in the band are near and dear to her heart.

Carroll says she met what she calls her guardian angel at a chance encounter while at Granite City. See, Carroll no longer has a french horn but has put it on her Christmas list for the last ten years but never received one. She struck up a conversation with a man who asked her what her biggest regret in life was. Carroll quickly answered putting down the french horn and not pursuing it in college and that she no longer had one to play. The man said let’s buy one right now. And they ordered one online from eBay for $500. Carroll has never seen the man again and now she feels it’s time to put the french horn to use.

In addition to playing music, Carroll recalls how being a part of a group in high school that was inclusive of athletes, musicians, and the straight-A students brought them together for a purpose.

“We always get labeled band nerds but we were just normal high schoolers that had a lot of fun, said Carroll.”  And they want to bring that back for just one day.

A Facebook group has been created called Williamson County Alumni Marching Band. If you attended any public or private school in Williamson County and were part of the band, you are welcome to join. The group is also open to cheerleaders, banner holders, and color guard.

“No matter where you went to school or what band you marched with, I think everyone can say it was a very special time in high school,” said Carroll.

So far the group has about 40 members who are interested in taking part in the Alumni Band that will march in the Franklin Rodeo parade on May 11 at noon in downtown Franklin.

Two practice dates have been set for Tuesday, April 23 and Tuesday, April 30th where the band will meet at Heritage Medical Associates Grassland Office at 2339 Hillsboro Road, Franklin.

For those who want to play in the band but don’t have an instrument, the group will help you find one for the event.

In terms of uniforms, while everyone will have different schools they represent, the band will have t-shirts made for the day but Carroll says the color has not been determined yet, however, the logo that appears on the Facebook page will be used.

Learn more about the Williamson County Alumni Band here.