Thai Inspired Ice Cream Shop Opens in Downtown Franklin

Top Cold Grill Ice Cream & Tea recently opened its doors in downtown Franklin at 111 5th Avenue North, in a former children’s boutique. Renovations for the restaurant have taken over a year and this is the second Top Cold Grill Ice Cream location, the first one opened in Murfreesboro back in 2017.

What is rolled ice cream?

Rolled ice cream is a Thai frozen dessert made by pouring a base of sweet milk on an extremely cold steel surface, which looks like a grill. Within minutes, the liquid hardens and is shaped into cylinder rolls.

The menu consists of Top Creations which are creative blends of flavors like Banana Swirl, Jakarta Java – a shot of espresso & condensed milk and Pretty in Purple -taro with red bean, just to name a few. You’ll also find staple ice cream flavors like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and even oreo peanut butter, honeydew, mango, and raspberry.

In addition to ice cream rolls, they serve bubble milk tea with tapioca. Options for bubble tea are black tea, green tea, Japanese Matcha, Thai milk tea, cappuccino milk tea, taro milk, coconut milk, strawberry milk, and honeydew milk tea.

If you are looking for a lunch option, you can also order from their Poke Bowl menu where you select from a base of sushi rice, brown rice, or organic spring mix, select one of the many protein options, choose your toppings, sauce, and lastly choose your crunchy topping of roasted seaweed, garlic crisps, onions crips and more.

Top is open daily from 11 a – 9 p. Take a look at our photos below.


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