fundraiser for olivia at grecian family restaurant

At 6 years old, Olivia Anderson was diagnosed with pediatric brain tumor Medulloblastoma and Posterior Fossa Syndrome. After receiving her diagnosis, Olivia has endured months of treatment. After her most recent appointments, doctors delivered good news that Olivia’s  MRI showed no occurrence of cancer.

The expenses are great and Olivia’s mother, Diane, is a single mother who is caring for Olivia and her siblings. To help Olivia’s family, Grecian Family Restaurant and Bakery in Spring Hill will give 10% of all proceeds on Monday, Aug 5 to Olivia’s family.

Owner Frank Georgalos shared, “When I first heard Olivia ‘s story it broke my heart! It was more than a year and a half ago when Olivia was first diagnosed with brain cancer.  I have been following her story ever since and my thoughts go out to her, her mother and the family.”

He continued, “I tried to put my self in Diana’s shoes ( Olivia’s mother) and it’s vey emotional and heartfelt. Since then It’s been a roller coaster trying to get Olivia cancer free. We still are so grateful that she is here. We are hopeful that one day she will make a full recovery. My wife and I would like to do a fundraiser to help Olivia’s family with some financial expenses.”

Be sure to visit Grecian Family Restuarant and Bakery located at 2003 Wall Street, Spring Hill. For more details, visit their Facebook page.

If you are unable to make it to the event, you can donate to the family at their Go Fund Me page here.