Grassland Foodland Under New Ownership

Grassland Foodland

Grassland Foodland is a full service grocery store in the heart of Grassland. But if you have visited the Grassland Foodland lately, you will notice some changes.  New Ower, Toney Collier took time out to talk with us more about what’s new, what’s staying and what’s going.

Tell us about yourself?
So first, a little about myself. I go by “Toney”. My wife Donna and I have been married for nearly 32 years. We both grew up in Cheatham County and graduated in 1978 from Cheaham County High. We continue to live in Pleasant View where we are both very active members of Pleasant View First Baptist Church. I started in the grocery business as a bagger in 1976. I managed Kemp’s Foodland (two locations, one in Ashland City; one in Pleasant View) for twenty years. After that I worked as a Retail Counselor for our wholesaler, Mitchell Grocery (also Grassland Foodland’s wholesaler) for 12 years. Donna spent 37 years in banking before “retiring” this past March.

When did Grassland Foodland first Open?
Grassland Market opened in the old Food Lion location in 2005. It is now known as Grassland Foodland. We are independently owned, but are loosely affiliated with around 250 other stores in the southeast.

How is Grassland Foodland different than before?
We are unique in that we can offer the highest quality items, the best meats and the freshest produce at surprisingly low prices. We also offer a large variety of local, organic and natural products. And we do this in a store that is large enough to carry everything you need, but small enough to not be overwhelming.

What new changes will take place at Grassland Foodland?
We are about to undergo a major remodel. Fresh paint, New decor, new floors. We are also replacing all the old fluorescent lights with new energy efficient LED lighting throughout the store.

We have to ask, will Miss Daisy be staying at Grassland Foodland?
And finally, if Miss Daisy tries to leave, I will personally tackle her and bring her back.

Thanks so much for taking time out to talk with us.  Check out the latest updates and specials at Grassland Foodland on their Facebook page.  We saw some amazing large white pumpkins for just $7.99. Hurry, before we buy them all for fall!

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