gov haslam

Gov. Bill Haslam spent some time today going back to school.

As part of support for his Capitol to the Classroom tour, where he sits in on classes and visits the 18 teachers statewide on his Teacher’s Cabinet started in 2015, he spent about an hour at Freedom Intermediate School today in Franklin.

Aside from a tour of the school and meeting with Franklin Special School District board members, he spent some time in the class of Angie Tisdale, a 6th-grade teacher, and member of his Teacher’s Cabinet.

The cabinet members have helped advise his education policies and usually meet in Nashville.

Tisdale’s 6th-grade science class was loud with discussion Tuesday morning.

Standing in circles, her students flip through the pages of the book “Where the Wild Things Are.” After looking at the book’s illustrations, they try to identify animal adaptations and biomes presented in the book, then determine if they’d occur in the real world.

A student points to a creature with a curved beak, then writes “herbivore” on a sticky note. Sitting at a desk with other students in Tisdale’s class Tuesday, Haslam looked through “Where The Wild Things Are” as Tisdale taught the difference between qualitative and quantitative descriptions.

“We’ve been rated one of the fastest growing states [in test scores] in the country, and we are grateful for the progress we have seen have seen all across the state and we are grateful for Angie having been a part of that,” Haslam said.