You Gotta See This: A Military Tank Cruises Through Cool Springs

Doug DeMuro, a writer for Autotrader, came to town to test-drive a unique vehicle. The Ferret is a street legal armored military tank used for wartime.

After DeMuro learned how to drive the tank, he took it to the road where he purchased gas at a local gas station and then proceeded to the drive-thru at McDonald’s in Cool Springs.

DeMuro describes the tank on his blog by saying, “It’s an armored car that was manufactured throughout the 1950s and 1960s, for use by the British military, and it really looks like a tank. It has wheels and tires, yes, but it also has no readily apparent windows. It has a turret, and it has a machine gun mounted on the top. These things are no longer in military service, but they’re pretty small and — apparently — relatively simple to work on, so they’re starting to find their way into the hands of collectors. And in the great state of Tennessee, you can register one of these things for the street.”

Read more about DeMuro’s adventures in Cool Springs and let us know if you saw the Ferret out and about.