Got the Quarantine Blues? 3 Ideas for a Summer Picnic

summer picnic
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Summer this year is a little bit different. If you’re feeling cooped up and fresh out of Netflix series to watch, try getting outside. Being in the outdoors is great for mental, emotional and physical health. You can even enjoy socializing while safely maintaining a six-foot distance.

This summer, we predict the return of the great American picnic! Great food, good wine, and fun and games can be enjoyed by all at a picnic in the rolling hills surrounding Williamson County. Whether you choose to turn your own backyard into Picnic HQ or venture out into some of the nearby parks, don’t miss these fun picnic ideas…

#1 Great Food Is a Must.
What’s a picnic without delicious food? Fresh cut watermelon, cheese boards, dips, and sandwiches… or just skip all the prep work and swing by JJ’s Wine Bar in Downtown Historic Franklin for easy-to-pack appetizers! JJ’s Wine Bar serves salads, breads, cheeses, fruit, prosciutto, as well as tasty appetizers that can go along with a main or be enjoyed by the family tapas-style.

#2 Wine Pairings? Essential.
As TV/radio personality Clifton Fadiman said, “If food is the body of good living, wine is its soul.” Your friends at JJ’s Wine Bar can recommend some wine pairings to go along with whatever food is on your picnic menu. If you make a pit stop at JJ’s, you can even try some amazing wines for yourself using the self-serve technology that allows you to sample a very small amount without ordering a whole glass of wine.

#3 Activities? Check!
The third part of a great picnic? Activities, of course! Badminton, croquet, and cornhole are all favorite picnic activities. If you’re in more of a lounging mood, download a trivia app to your phone or bring a deck of cards. Food and wine make for a great picnic, but enjoying the company of friends and family is really what it’s all about!

Visit JJ’s Wine Bar
Drop by JJ’s Wine Bar to pick up to-go food for your picnic. (Or pop inside and say hello – JJ’s Wine Bar is open for table service.) Call ahead to place your order – (615) 942-5033. JJ’s Wine Bar is located at 206 E Main St in downtown Franklin.