Got Goals? Check Out The Benefits of Youth Soccer

From Play It Again Sports ~ Brentwood

Got Goals_ Check Out The Benefits of Youth Soccer

There is no off season for soccer! Players work on their skills year round indoors and out. With that in mind, the benefits of encouraging your child or teen to participate in a group sport like soccer are seemingly endless. Not only does soccer give children and teens a place to grow mentally and physically, it sets them up for a healthier future.

Interested in Kickin’ It on the Soccer Field? Here are 5 Reasons to Follow Through:

Health and Fitness

Introducing soccer into your child or teens’ life is an incredible way to prepare them mentally and physically for a focused health and fitness lifestyle. Playing a sport as a child lessens the risk of obesity, reducing health problems down the line. Soccer also increases cardiovascular health, and the ability to develop strong bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons. And, having your child participate in a physical activity helps them sleep better at night.

Team Work

Developing your child’s ability to function in a team environment like soccer is a worthwhile
lifelong skill. Soccer provides an environment to successfully learn how to work with others to accomplish a shared goal (GOALS!) early in life. Your child will also experience the growth that comes from sharing in both the team victories and the team losses with others. Learning teamwork will help your child establish healthier relationships in the future.

soccer Development of Motor Skills

As a child develops his/her motor skills, with each new skill, they will feel encouraged to try
increasingly harder things in the future. They will learn what it feels like to master something, and then move on to the next harder challenge. Learning the rules of the game, how to control a ball, and developing the stamina and coordination needed to play soccer develops a child’s motor and cognitive abilities.

Self-Esteem Boost

Your child’s self-esteem will ultimately be boosted by working hard at something and seeing the tangible results of their effort. Over time they will see that they have developed a new skillset, which instills a sense of confidence that will help carry them through into other areas of their lives. Putting your child in an environment where they can learn to navigate the emotions of winning and losing sets your child up to better handle anything that comes their way in the future.


Being part of a team gives your child the ability to develop friendships and relationships with other children and adults over a shared activity. Improving your child’s social skills at a young age will boost their confidence and make their life easier as they mature. By learning how to develop and maintain relationships with the people that come into their life, such as during a soccer practice, your child will learn that being able to become friends with the people they’re surrounded by will make their lives more fulfilling. That skill will benefit them for the rest of their lives, through school and in their future workplace. And, as soccer is a worldwide sport, playing soccer will give your child something to relate to with others anywhere they go in the world.

Why was the soccer player upset on their birthday? They got a Red Card.

Interested in joining an indoor team during these colder months? Check out the Soccer
Complex East Robert A Ring Indoor Arena in the Williamson County Soccer Complex. At only $65 to register, players develop their skills through drills and field play on turf that is second to none. Or, take a look at the Tennessee Soccer Club where they offer year-round Soccer training, a Winter Indoor Series, the Champions Premier League and more.

If your child is still too young to join a team, start them off with playground balls. Play It Again Sports ~ Brentwood has a wide variety of colorful playground balls for the Hot Buy price of $2.99 that are perfect for little ones to begin learning coordination and ball-handling skills.

You can pick up all you need to get ready to hit the soccer field at Play it Again Sports ~
Brentwood. Browse leading soccer equipment like the Vizari Solano Soccer Backpack priced at the Hot Buy price of $19.99 and the Vizari Soccer Freesia Shinguards at the Hot Buy price of $4.99 during their Black Friday Blockbuster 9 (NINE!) Day Sale. (Sunday, November 22nd – November 30th, 2020) With social distancing, travel plans and your safety in mind, shop when it works for your schedule!

* Please consult your doctor before beginning any new fitness routine.

Feeling inspired? Leave a comment below about your child’s soccer experience.

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