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by Kirsten Grenier

It’s a convenient way to travel on the course, but driving a golf cart on city streets may lead to a ticket.

Franklin Police issued an official media release last week addressing increased reports of unlicensed teens operating golf carts and other low speed vehicles in local subdivisions. They want to remind residents that this is illegal activity. Franklin Police are cracking down on the issue, responding with increased patrols and enforcement.

“With local tragedy striking in recent years, we hope that bringing parents’ attention to the matter will help to prevent another,” Sgt. Charles Warner said. “Enforcing the laws that legislators have put into place is our responsibility and keeps Franklin the safe and vibrant place that it is for all of our neighborhoods and residents.”

According to the media release, “Anyone caught operating a golf cart on a City street, except to cross at a 90 degree angle, will be cited.”

The release also addressed other low speed vehicles, noting that they may be operated only by licensed drivers on streets with a 35 mph or lower speed limit and must comply with USDOT standards. To read about regulations in more detail, click here.

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