Goat Yoga Fitness Craze is Available Here

What happens when you combine yoga and goats? It’s a new fitness craze, aptly named Goat Yoga, that originated in Oregon and now you can experience it right here in Williamson County. Goat Yoga Nashville is located on a farm in Brentwood where classes sell out almost as fast as they are announced. We spoke to Melody Nash of Goat Yoga Nashville to learn more about the new classes. Watch our interview above.

In the picturesque pasture, each 60-minute class is led by a certified yoga instructor and the baby goats roam around during the class. Yogis may experience goats jumping on their back, crawling underneath them or trying to nibble their hair. And be prepared for a little goat tinkle and poo on your yoga mat.

To encourage the goats to visit you during class, you can request grain or leaves to feed the goats. Giggles and goat selfies are the norm during this yoga class, but it seemed as if none of the students seemed to mind. In fact, everyone had a smile on their face when the class ended, lingering to pet the goats and talk to the other students about their experience.

If you go to Goat Yoga Nashville, you must make a reservation online as space is limited. Currently, there are offering classes on Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings, but more classes may be added in the future. Bring your yoga mat and towel; water bottles provided by Goat Yoga Nashville for students. Learn more about the classes at Goat Yoga Nashville Facebook page.