Goat Yoga Comes to Spring Hill

Sweeney Farm Goat Yoga
credit - Facebook

No more traveling to Brentwood, Nashville or other places for Goat Yoga, it’s now available in Spring Hill.

The owners of Sweeney Hill Farm have started a goat yoga class at Early’s Honey Stand, 5075 Main Street.

So how did goat yoga get started in Spring Hill? Ginnie Sweeney shared, “The people that own Shenanigoats in Nashville were the guest speakers at the Middle Tennessee Goat Association. They told us how they do what they do and I thought, ‘I could do that. I have seven does due to kid between April 27th and June 9th. I’ll have baby goats just in time to offer summer goat yoga classes. By the time they’re getting too big to offer goat yoga I’ll need to stop anyway to make time for homeschooling my oldest again.’ Our first goat yoga class was on June 22nd, roughly three months later. During that time I did a lot of preparing. I figured it was a Field of Dreams kind of thing. ‘If you build it, they will come.’ I took a leap of faith and crossed my fingers that I wouldn’t fall flat on my face.”

Each class lasts approximately an hour and a yoga mat is provided. If you prefer, you can bring your own mat and be sure to dress comfortably. Currently, classes are offered on Saturday and Sunday but this week there will be a special 4th of July class from noon until 1 p. Cost of each class is $20 and is limited due to space for the first 25 yogis. See the complete class schedule here

It’s been a busy season at the farm as they currently have 19 baby goats that were born during the month of May. And they had a set of triplets and quintuplets. With names like Shrek and Tinkerbell, the classes are sure to be fun but only about eight goats attend the class.

Sweeney added, “Farming is expensive, especially when you’re first getting started! Last year, in addition to the everyday expenses of feed, meds, etc. we finally had a permanent fence built for our animals. Goat yoga seemed like a fun way to help the farm pay for itself, or at least come close.”

The Sweeney family purchased the farm back in 2015, and the family built a house on the property which they moved into after 15 months in a rental followed by 5 months in a 33 foot trailer. It wasn’t until December 2018  when they decided on the name “Sweeney Hill Farm.” Ginnie explained if you’ve ever had to navigate their driveway, you’d understand the hill part.

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