Giving Your Driveway The Finished Look It Deserves

If you have followed along with our MILES Auto Spa garage guide and detailing series, you have already turned your garage into a gearhead’s paradise and your car is detailed and ready to cruise around the Franklin Square. When you get home from cruising around though, you notice that something just does not look right. Today, we will look at the advantages of sealing your driveway.

Before and After Sealing
Before and After Sealing

With the majority of the driveways in Williamson County being aggregate, sealing your driveway is a simple way to improve both the appearance and performance of your driveway. Sealants come available in many shades and colors, but most experts recommend using sealants that are non-yellowing, UV-resistant, and have a high gloss that gives the driveway a wet look that both enriches and deepens the color of the aggregate. While sealants can improve the look of the driveway, they also help to protect your driveway. Not all work can be done in a garage, so doing work in the driveway presents challenges with potential stains abound. By sealing your driveway, you can help prevent staining, since many sealants repel water, oil, and grease.

Sealing your driveway can go a long way in improving the look of your driveway, one sealing does not last a lifetime. Aggregate needs occasional maintenance, but the actual amount of required maintenance is dependent upon the amount of traffic and wear on the driveway. Sealant should be reapplied every two to three years to maximize the look and effectiveness of the sealant.

While you can seal your driveway yourself, the process can be messy and take two to three days to be fully complete. MILES Auto Spa offer driveway sealing services. MILES will come out to provide a no obligation estimate on your driveway. MILES Auto Spa is committed to cleaning, drying, and sealing your driveway in only one day. Plus, when you request an estimate, you receive an XP3 car wash that can be used at the MILES Auto Spa on Market Exchange Court or MILES Express on Mallory Station Road.

To request an estimate, visit MILES Auto Spa on Market Exchange Court off of Bakers Bridge Avenue in Cool Springs.

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