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We regularly encounter our customers at some of the most difficult times in their lives. Many women who come to us are facing cancer treatment of various types. Others have major trauma due to accidents, burns, or the onset of diabetes or other debilitating diseases.

Because we know our customers are facing great challenges, we always prioritize compassion as a key trait of all our team members. Our goal is to provide extra focus to all our customers so that they might regain a sense of normalcy.

Unfortunately, not all customers have the ability to pay. For our team at Pretty In Pink Boutique, inability to pay is not a reason to be turned away. These individuals, who in addition to the physical and mental stress of a major illness, are also facing financial stress due to the overwhelming costs of deductibles, co-insurance, or perhaps even a lack of or inadequate insurance. We created the Pretty In Pink Foundation to serve these women. You can help us by donating here.

Donate to the Pretty In Pink Foundation

Your donation to the Pretty In Pink Foundation helps us serve customers who are overwhelmed by the medical costs of a major illness and lack adequate insurance coverage for the care they require. The foundation provides our certified fitters with an extra tool to assure that every customer receives excellent care, regardless of the ability to pay.

From the early days of our business, we saw our team members and our customers struggling with this issue, and we knew we had to do something about it. So, we did three key things in response.

  1. First, we trained our team to give the proper service first, and then figure out how to pay for it second. We don’t let the inability to pay become an obstacle if we can avoid it.
  2. Second, we organized an installment plan for customers who cannot absorb treatment expenses all at once.
  3. Third, we created the Pretty In Pink Foundation, a Tennessee non-profit corporation. The goal of the Foundation is to serve as a resource for our team when customers need more care than they can afford.

How Does the Pretty In Pink Foundation Help?

The Foundation serves our customers in two ways. First, by accepting donations of gently used prostheses, bras, camisoles, and compression garments we are then able to provide those when they fit the need of a customer who lacks resources to pay. Second, by accepting cash donations, we are then able to provide these same items to customers who cannot pay.

A Brighter Future for All Patients

We’re proud that the Foundation has removed the economic burden of care from both our team members and our customers. The Foundation provides our team members a go-to resource whenever customers say cost is keeping them from accessing the proper care. At Pretty In Pink Boutique, there are always options.

The Pretty In Pink Foundation is still in its infancy. We have a long way to go to reach our goals. If you have gently used items you can donate, please call (615.777.PINK) or email us ([email protected]). If you can make a donation of any amount, 100% of your contribution will go toward providing care to a customer in need. Donate here.

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