Get Vacation Ready Now With These Beauty Tips

With spring and summer breaks nearing, that means vacation time is on the horizon. Before you head out on vacation, get yourself ready with these pre-vacation beauty tips.

Smooth Skin

Getting a wax is a must before a beach vacation. Waxed skin allows you to tan more evenly, whether you plan to tan before the vacation or during the vacation. It does take a couple sessions to get your hairs to grow on the same cycle, which will give you a long lasting, smooth feel, so its best to start booking your waxing sessions now. It’s best to talk to a waxing specialist at Waxing the City as soon as possible to help them make sure you’re ready.

Glowing Tan

For the tan you need to wait at least 24 hours after you’ve waxed, to let your pores close and prevent more irritation. One of the best tanning systems is VersaSpa sunless tanning offered at A Moment’s Peace Salon and Spa. Not only do you get the level of bronze that you may be looking for, but you also end up with smooth lines and moisturized skin. It’s a safe way to treat your skin.

Get Toned

As the weather gets warmer, its a great time to start exercising again. Start now, so you can look and feel great while on vacation. If you’re looking to burn fat fast, try this at-home total body fitness routine from the YMCA, or this “Spring Break Body Workout” meant to tone your thighs and tighten your tummy (perfect for a beach vacation) or check out this 3-week workout program designed to get you in shape before vacation!