Get Back In Shape at Westhaven Golf Club

westhaven golf club swing

Are you ready to stretch your legs after a long spring season of being stuck inside? There’s perhaps no better sport than golf for getting fresh air, exercise, and relaxation. At Westhaven Golf Club, players of all ages enjoy a par 72 course in the gorgeous setting of Williamson County’s rolling hills.

Since 2009, Westhaven Golf Club has received national acclaim for its design and attention to detail. Unlike many courses, Westhaven Golf Club enjoys the serenity that comes only from pure, undisturbed nature –– not a single home is built along the perimeter of the course’s 18 holes. Members and their invited guests can quietly enjoy spectacular views of the Harpeth River and historic stone walls along the property. Measuring 7,000 yards from the championship tee, this perfectly manicured course of zoysia grass fairways and bent grass greens appeals to all skill levels.

4 Health Benefits of Golfing

Golf is some of the best exercise you’ll get! Learn why…

1. Walking increases cardiovascular and pulmonary (lung) function, while reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke. Walking can improve the management of many chronic health conditions, including high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Did you know that walking 18 holes of a golf course is the equivalent to doing a four-mile run or five-mile walk? When walking 18 holes, you’ll take 10,000 steps and burn 2,000 calories. (So, yes, you will crush your friends and family in any FitBit challenge!)
2. Weight loss is another health benefit commonly associated with golf. If you’re burning 2,000 calories and taking 10,000 steps… that’s going to affect more than just your heart health, right? Many active golfers enjoy a trimmer waistline, as well. Just remember, you’ve got to pass on the golf cart to get this benefit!
3. Stress reduction is almost a guaranteed benefit of golfing – as long as you’re not stuck in the sand trap! Whether you choose to walk the course or not, you’ll certainly experience the endorphin release and relaxation that comes along with being out on the fairway.
4. Mental health, as we’ve all been recently reminded, is just as important as physical health. Open air, brain stimulation, and the socialization experienced when golfing all contribute to improved mental health. Of course, mental health can also affect your physical health for better or worse.

Visit Westhaven Golf Club

Visit Westhaven Golf Club, a pristine and inviting landscape for golfers of all levels. Casual, friendly, and beautifully landscaped, there’s no better place to be this summer! You’ll also enjoy the serenity of a golf course with no homes lining the play area. For membership information, call (615) 224-2990 or visit Westhaven Golf Club’s Membership Opportunities page.