A-Game Sportsplex Closes Unexpectedly


Thursday morning at A-Game Sportsplex a crowd gathered as the facility closed abruptly without warning to employees and sports clubs. The crowd was held at the driveway entering the facility. The Franklin Police Department was on the scene to assist in allowing clubs, one at a time, to enter the facility to gather their equipment.


Sports Land Group, LLC released the following statement this morning.

Sports Land Group,LLC purchased the  A-Game facility in 2008 with the intention of promoting athletic programs for the benefit of our children and hundreds of Williamson County families. In addition to the $8 million purchase price, our members have personally loaned or invested an additional $13 million to expand,upgrade and improve the facility, and also to meet operating expenses. Despite our best efforts, the facility has never generated a profit. In fact,the facility averages a monthly shortfall of over $72,000 and the members simply cannot afford to continue funding the shortfall. The business is not sustainable.

For three years,Sports Land Group work diligently to find a buyer which would continue to operate the facility as a sportsplex. Those efforts were not successful.  After receiving the proposal to purchase the facility from AI. Neyer, Sports Land Group communicated with both major tenants of the facility, MDG Management and Alliance Volleyball Club.  Those tenants were encouraged to make a proposal to purchase the facility and/or to spread the word that the facility would be sold. No viable proposal was ever submitted.

In addition,Sports Land Group has been working with MDG and Alliance since July,2015 to plan for their futures after the sale to Neyer and the closure of the facility. Those efforts have included negotiating a delayed transfer of the facility to allow for Alliance and MDG to wind up their sports seasons,offering the reimbursement of Alliance’s and MDG’s relocation cost, and offering incentives. Those efforts on our part to reach a consensus with Alliance and MDG proceeded up to the filing of the lawsuit by Alliance and MDG, and have continued since the filing of the lawsuit, up to as recently as Feb 2,2016. As of the date of this press release, we are still striving  to reach a mutually  satisfactory  resolution with MDG and Alliance.

The members of Sports Land Group have appreciated the opportunity of providing a service to the residents of Middle Tennessee, particularly the sports-loving young people in our area over the last 7 1/2 years.  We hope the facility has contributed to the physical well-being of our patrons. We truly regret that the facility is closing. We are particularly disappointed that the facility must close on such short notice and in a manner that disrupts the ongoing sports seasons. But Sports Land Group has run out of options.

Sports Land Group intends to keep the power on in the facility for a few days to assist Alliance,MDG, and others in their transitioning from the facility to new locations. We remain hopeful that agreements may still be possible which would allow the sports seasons to run through Mar 31,2016.

To the thousands of Middle Tennessee residents that have been a part of the A-Game family,Sports Land Group wishes you well.

Tell us your reaction to the latest news from A-Game Sportsplex.  How do you think they have handled the closing of the facility?

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