Funding Problems Cause Transportation Stalemate

Tennessee’s population is growing rapidly, as are the demands on our transportation system. The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) currently has an approximate $6 billion backlog of projects, many of which would increase capacity and safety in expanding communities.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam and Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) Commissioner John Schroer spent August and September sitting down with local and state officials all across Tennessee to discuss transportation and infrastructure needs.

Transportation Needs

The needs list is comprised of projects identified by TDOT to address growth and safety in Tennessee’s infrastructure system. These projects have not been approved by the legislature.

The cost to complete the list is $5.3 Billion. There are 765 projects in all 95 counties.

  • 162 State Route Bridges in 59 Counties
  • 496 Local Bridges in 80 Counties
  • 105 New Projects in 58 Counties

None of these projects could be started until at least 2022 with transportation funding at its current level.

Middle Tennessee highlights from the Project Needs List:

  • I-440, pavement replacement and safety improvements  from I-40 to I-24 in Davidson County ($50,000,000)
  • I-65, widening from Goodlettsville to KY state line in  Davidson, Sumner, Cheatham and Robertson Counties ($397,400,000)
  • I-24 congestion relief from SR 840 in Rutherford Countyto I-40 in Davidson County ($400,000,000)
  • State Route 100 from Bowie Lake Road to State Route 840 in Williamson County ($51,786,000)

Backlogged Projects

Projects on the backlog list have been previously approved by the legislature and TDOT has committed to seeing them through to completion. The list includes projects that have been funded in at least one of three phases (Preliminary Engineering, Right of Way, Construction).

The cost to complete the list is $6.1 billion.

There are 181 projects on this list in 62 counties.

With funding at current levels, the backlog will not be completed or under contract until 2034.

Williamson County backlogged projects include:

  • SR-397 from South of SR-96 to US-431 (Northwest Quadrant)
  • SR-96 from East of Arno Road to SR-252 (Wilson Pike)
  • SR-96 from East of SR-252(Wilson Pike) to SR-840
  • US-31 (SR-6) from SR-441 (Moore’s Lane) to SR-253 (Concord Road)
  • US-31A/41A (SR-11) from South of Burkitt Road to North of Mill Creek
  • SR-96 from SR 840 in Williamson County to Veterans Parkway
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