Freebird Giving Discount Rides to Titans Fans

Titans Rout Jacksonville Jaguars 42-17

Freebird, a free iOS and Android app that works with Uber and Lyft, is helping tens of thousands of locals cheer on the Titans Saturday, Jan 11 by giving out discounts on Uber and Lyft rides through their app. Freebird will give anyone who uses the promo code “titans20” $5 off their ride to the place they will be watching the game and $5 off their ride back home. This ride could be to a bar, watch party or a friend’s house. Freebird knows that the Titans making the playoffs is a huge celebration in Nashville, and they want to make sure that those who choose to drink get home safe.

In addition to the discount rides to and from Titans celebrations, those who type in the promo code of “titans20” will also be entered to win two tickets to the next Titans playoff game, as well as have their airfare and hotel paid for by Freebird. Winners will be announced Sunday morning. If the Titans continue to win, Freebird will hold this same ticket giveaway each week. If they lose, giveaway winners will still receive a pair of tickets to the home opener for the Titans next season.

About Freebird

Available Nationwide, Freebird is a free mobile app that works with Uber or Lyft to save people money by offering cash back deals or reward points on every ride. Recently, Freebird surpassed its two millionth ride, allowing users to receive more than $2 million in cash back and earn nearly 580 million reward points. For more information, please visit