Franklin’s ‘Red House’ Will No Longer Serve as an Event Venue

The Red House

The historic home in downtown Franklin, The Red House, which has been a destination for parties, weddings and celebrity events announced on Sunday that it will no longer be a venue space.

Their website states they are no longer accepting bookings and will close on June 15th.

We spoke to Laura Hill who said there wasn’t just one reason but a host of reasons why they chose to close. “There are a few reasons where we felt it was a good to discontinue as a venue. There is much growth in Franklin and with the growth comes lots of construction, parking issues and congestion. We saw all of this coming and knew it would be difficult to sustain -especially for weddings. Like I said we knew this day was coming and we enjoyed every moment of our 12 years as a venue. ”

There will be a future for The Red House just not as a venue said Hill. “We have leased to Village Realty and we are very happy to have their business occupy our Red House and wish them great success!”

The Red House was built in 1874 by Robert Bradley for his daughter and her husband, W. E. & Ann Winstead. Over the past 140 years, the home has been a residence, counseling center,  a recording studio and after Ed and Laura Hill purchased it in 2007, it became a place to gather for weddings and events.  It is located just one block from the square in historic downtown Franklin.

Back in 2017, the property was on the market listed for $3.8 million but was later delisted. The Red House is located at 138 3rd Avenue, Franklin.