Franklin’s Historic Halfway Market to Close


Sitting at the Southall Road and Carters Creek Pike fork in Franklin, Halfway Market has been serving customers since 1910. However, at the end of this month, the landmark pitstop will close.

Halfway Market, located at 3101 Southall Road, is a country market where you can grab essentials like milk and bread, as well, as buy sandwiches and burgers. The market will be closing as of June 22, 2019, as a new lease agreement could not be reached.

Right now, we don’t if the property will continue as a market or if other plans are in place.

Owners Paul and Kellye King posted the following message on Facebook.

It has been our privilege to serve our community for the past 12 years providing that convenient “fork in the road” where you could prepare to start or end your work/school day, and enjoy “real” country cookin’ (including the best burgers around) – all served with a genuine dose of Southern hospitality.

And while it was our plan to continue to carry the baton for all the others who came before us, on Friday, May 31, we received a certified letter informing us we must vacate our place of business in 30 days. We have been in the process of working out a new lease with our landlord and aspired to come to an agreement where everyone was happy, however, this new piece of paper makes their position quite obvious.

We are unsure what the future holds but know that God is in control. We ask for your support and your prayers that our next steps are revealed. Our hearts are heavy as we consider the idea that we will not be a part of your day, your families and our community as owners of Halfway Market.


  1. Greedy landlords and property owners in Franklin will be the downfall of MY native community. I’m ashamed of them all.

    • Lesa, the owner is native to franklin. She simply raised the rent by 300.00 and asked them to clean the building. After kellye the owner refused and cussed out Lesa’s mother Ann. They decided to close the location because they had already been behind in rent by 2000. Kellye is playing on the heartstrings of the community. Refusing to pay a 300.00 increase after 10 years…

  2. Maybe it’s the same landlord that can’t find a tenant for the old Capt D’s Space and the used car lot next to it on 96. For one of the wealthiest and fastest growing counties in the nation, it’s remarkable that these properties sit empty. The Judge Bean’s that went belly up, the third bbq restaurant to fail in that location in three years…maybe, to quote Jimmy McMillan, the “rent is too damn high”.

  3. Mr.Brown you are so right, also as a native Franklin resident I feel that these transients are coming here and ruin our quaint little community. I wished they all would pack up and move back to their native community and set ruins to it.

  4. Lesa the owner of the building is born and raised here in the community. Two sides to every story. This is all over a 300.00 increase on a 700.00 monthly lease. It’s petty that everyone is thinking Lesa and Ann are bad people. Maybe if Kellye wouldn’t of cussed Mrs. Ann our (a 70+ year old lady) they could of continued to stay there.

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