Franklin Twins Host HGTV “Listed Sisters”


Identical twins, Alana and Lex from Franklin are host the popular HGTV show “Listed Sisters.”  The sisters help families who have outgrown their current homes by completing renovation projects so they will be ready to sell at  market. Actually the trailer for their show says they, “want to get clients into their dream home.”

Alana, the real estate broker,  guides the family into the correct selling price for their  current property and works with them to secure a new  home. Lex is an interior designer who designs the updates to the home and actually gets her hands dirty with the project.

The first episode aired the summer of 2015 and the second began in March 2016. We spoke to producer, Steve Luebbert. The concept behind the show is for Alana (a realtor) and Lex (a designer) to help their clients renovate and sell their unwanted houses for top dollar… so they can afford to move into the homes of their dreams. Lex’s construction team transforms old houses into hot properties that Alana can sell for big returns. And in the end, Alana helps clients find and buy a dream home they never thought they could afford.

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Interested in meeting the Listed Sisters? They are currently casting for Season 2 and need your help. You can for more information or visit the Listed Sisters casting website.

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