Franklin to Demolish Bicentennial Park Pavilion

Old Georgia Boot Factory Structure Deemed a Safety Hazard

Bicentennial Park Pavilion

After careful consideration and inspection, the old Georgia Boot Factory Pavilion at Bicentennial Park will be demolished due to safety concerns. The demolition will begin the final week of September. In February, the southern portion of the existing pavilion structure collapsed during the snowstorm and ice we experienced. Originally, the City requested to replace the collapsed portion of the structure but upon further inspection by a consultant, demolition of the entire structure was recommended.

A summary of the structural steel analysis including the columns, rafters, connections, bolts, and framing included the following:

  • Thirteen frames have significant damage from the snow collapse.
  • All framing bolts must be replaced and non-code compliant to connections.
  • Multiple twisted or bent steel columns must be replaced
  • Rafters and peak connections were damaged and pulled from original connections.
  • There are missing or damaged bolts.
  • There is column anchor bolt embedment and corrosion.
  • The structure is not structurally stable in its current condition and should be blocked from public access immediately.

In the Parks Masterplan, the structure will be replaced with a fabricated steel structure to replicate the existing one and provide the community with a rental event space and parks for years to come. The concrete slabs will remain. The Parks Department will bid the project this winter and start construction next Spring.